First-Class PHP Software

Solid, well crafted, open source libraries is the maker quality open source PHP libraries. Especially Intervention Image is known as the most popular PHP image manipulation library. The goal for all releases is to provide an easy and expressive way to get things done without loosing flexibility. Furthermore, the following quality characteristics are important.

Quality matters

Developer Friendly
All projects were developed with the idea to provide an easily accessible API and keep the learning curve as flat as possible. The goal is not to keep the developer busy with complicated preparation and configuration routines, but to have tools that allow to get the job done quickly and easily.
Unit Tested
If it is not tested, it does not exist. All projects are unit tested without exception, providing an assurance of quality and a safety net for all further development.
PSR-12 Compatible
All project code adheres the PSR-12 style guide, reducing cognitive load when reading the sources and understanding the logic.
DocBlocks Included
In addition to the documentation on this website, the behavior of most of the methods in the code of the packages is documented with DocBlocks. This makes it even easier to understand the code.
Semantic Versioning
All packages strictly follow semantic versioning. This guarantees that during the lifetime of a major release an update does not bring any breaking changes into your application.
Available via Composer
The use of Composer the standard for dependency management within the PHP world is self-evident. For you this means fast and effortless installability and easy availability of updates.
Free & Open Source Software
All projects are licensed under the MIT license. This means that you can use them free of charge for both private and commercial purposes.