Become a Sponsor needs your help to keep the projects going

All projects of are non-commercial side projects I develop in addition to my regular job as a software developer. The software is open source licensed and completely free to use. The considerable effort required to maintain and develop the various projects is only possible with the financial support of sponsors. There are two ways in which you can support my work financially.

At the sponsorship tier of $99 per month, your logo and website link will be prominently placed on the front page as well as in the on GitHub. Your brand will be visible on one of the most popular PHP projects.

GitHub Sponsors

The best way to become a sponsor and support my work as an open source developer is through GitHub Sponsors. You can choose between one-time and recurring support. Invoices can be requested through GitHub.


You also have the option to use PayPal to financially support my work as an open source software developer. Just click on the button below to open the payment dialog and choose one-time or recurring sponsorship.

What is the money used for?

Currently the goal is to cover the costs on server, traffic and domain. Any support is greatly appreciated.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you!