More info about intervention.io

Who is behind intervention.io?

I'm Oliver Vogel, software developer for more than 20 years. I share personal projects that I consider useful with the community as free open source software. This website is intended to serve as a central repository for all my projects and their documentation.

Intervention is the vendor label of all my open source projects. I started the organization since the first release was published in 2013. Since then intervention.io has released several open source projects. Especially the PHP image processing library Intervention Image is very popular.

Intervention.io and all its activities have always been non-profit side projects of mine. I develop and promote these projects in my spare time besides my day job. For those interested in supporting my open source work, you can help with a donation to cover my monthly expenses for server, traffic and domain costs.

Software Quality

The goal of all intervention.io projects is to provide an easily accessible API with a flat learning curve. The developer should not have to deal with complicated configuration routines, but should be able to get the job done quickly and easily.

All projects are always written in PSR-12 compatible code standard, include DocBlocks and are unit tested to ensure overall quality. The releases of intervention.io are available as free open source software on Packagist via Composer strictly following semantic versioning.